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Are you in need of assistance with preparing or filing your personal income tax return? Or maybe you have just started your own business and are looking for some guidance and expertise regarding your financial or administrative obligations.


Fiscal advice

Do you have fiscal questions and/or requests? For example, are you interested in investing in the future or do you wish to sell your investments? Are you planning to move to the Netherlands or to emigrate? Verberne Consultancy is able to help you.

Personal income tax return

Every year, the mailman delivers that infamous blue envelope which includes an invitation for filing your personal income tax return. Filing an income tax return is not an easy job. A lot of questions are asked and it is not always clear which situations apply to you. Verberne Consultancy is able to help you.

VAT return (BTW)

Your company’s activities consist of rendering services or purchasing or selling goods? In most cases, your company is subject to Dutch VAT and you are obligated to file a periodic VAT return. Verberne Consultancy is able to help you.

Start-ups or entrepreneurship

You have just started your own company and you require assistance with administrative tasks like keeping accounts, filing a VAT and/or a corporate income tax return and filing accounts with the Chamber of Commerce. Verberne Consultancy is able to help you.

Olav, in his capacity as tax advisor, advised me particularly adequate, professional and customer friendly with the settlement of an income and wealth tax issue as well in doing a gift to a so called “ANBI, het Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis” and with a settlement of an estate.

E.C. Nieuwenhuijs

For many years, we have been committed with detailing and polishing of the most exotic cars in The Netherlands; we also make use of the services of Olav for many years including bookkeeping and fiscal services. To outsource this to his office we are able to focus ourselves on our service.

Andres Rodriguez & Patrick WalfenzaoDetail Koning Autostudio

Olav and I have been collaborating for years now: first at our former employer’s office and after that within our own businesses. Olav’s characteristics are efficiency, keeping (and also very quickly) his promises and accepted assignments. His skills and his strong network guarantee the quality of the work done.

Jens LangendorffOwner Langendorff Tax Consultancy (Bussum/Amsterdam)

About Olav Verberne

After I have worked for many years for a tax consultancy firm in Amsterdam and advising companies and private individuals with both national and international backgrounds and give lead to the tax filing practice with the focus on preparing and filing several tax returns; private income tax returns, corporate income tax returns, VAT returns and dividend tax returns, I decided to use my knowledge and experience to set up my own business in Hoorn (40 kilometres above the city of Amsterdam), Verberne Consultancy, Tax & Admin.

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Email: olav@verberneconsultancy.com
+31 (0)6 21 105 964
Chamber of Commerce: 73791407

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