Verberne Consultancy is able to process your personal data as you are making use of the services of Verberne Consultancy and/or you have provided this data yourself by filling out a contact form on the website of Verberne Consultancy. Verberne Consultancy is able to process the following personal data:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your address details
  • Your telephone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your IP-address

Why does Verberne Consultancy need your personal data?

Verberne Consultancy is going to process your personal data in order to contact you by phone on request and/or to contact you by e-mail or normal mail in case you cannot be reached by phone by any circumstance. Besides that, Verberne Consultancy is also able to make use of your personal data as part of an engagement as agreed with you and which usually contains providing legal services.

How long may Verberne Consultancy keep the personal data?

Verberne Consultancy will no longer keep your personal data than strictly necessary to realize its objects to keep your data. Your personal data will no longer be kept than a year in case there is no engagement with you.

Is this personal data going to be shared with third parties?

Verberne Consultancy only provides the personal data to third parties in case this is necessary to fulfill the engagement with you or in order to fulfill legal obligations.

Mapping website visitors

General information about visitors will be kept on the website of Verberne Consultancy, including the IP-address of your computer and the date and information of your visit and which will be forwarded by your browser. This information will be used for analysis purposes with respect to visitors and click behavior on the website. Verberne Consultancy is making use of this information to improve the proper functioning of the website. The personal data will be as much as anonymized and will not be forwarded to third parties.

Google Analytics

Verberne Consultancy is making use of Google Analytics in order to keep information about how visitors are using the website and also about the effectiveness of the Adwords-advertisements of Verberne Consultancy on the Google search pages. The information as obtained, including the IP-address of your computer, will be forwarded to and saved on servers, owned by Google, in the United States of America. I refer to the privacy policy of Google for more information. Please find attached the privacy policy of Google Analytics. Google make use of this information in order to keep information about the use of our website, to report Verberne Consultancy about this information and to inform their advertisers about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google is able to provide this information to third parties in case Google has to fulfill its legal obligations or in case these third parties will process this information. Verberne Consultancy is not able to have any influence on this. Verberne Consultancy do not give permission to Google to use the, by Verberne Consultancy obtained, Analytics information in order to use it for other Google services.

Reading, amending of erasing

At all time, you have the right to read your personal data, to amend them or to erase them. You can file a request to read, amend or erase to: Verberne Consultancy will reply on your request as soon as possible, within four weeks at the latest.


Verberne Consultancy is taking the protection of your personal data very serious and will take the necessary measures in order to avoid any abuse, loss, unauthorized access, undesirable publication and unauthorized changes. The website of Verberne Consultancy is making use of a reliable SSL certificate in order to ensure that your personal data may get into the wrong hands. If you have the impression that your personal data are not secured well, or if you have any signs of abuse or you want to receive more information about the security measures of the collected personal data taken by Verberne Consultancy, please contact Verberne Consultancy: is a website of Verberne Consultancy.

Verberne Consultancy can be reached as follows:
Registered and correspondence address
Noorderstraat 46, 1621 HV Hoorn
Registration number Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 73791407
Telephone number: (+31) 06-21105964
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